On Vacation

September 5, 2008

I’ve been having trouble finding blog worthy articles lately. Its not that nothing has been happening. We’ve been having a lot of fun riding our bikes around and hanging out with friends, but it didn’t seem all that noteworthy.

Today though, is the first day of my 3 week vacation. We’re going to spend this first day packing, and eating. Then at 6:30 tonight, we’ll head off to the airport. I can’t say that I’ve been this excited about a vacation since I was a kid.

Part of my excitement is due to the fact that I need a break, no doubt, but also I’m really excited for Ruby and our extended family. Ruby is going to have her first “summer” (its almost Autumn in New England) vacation. Sure she’s been on vacation in the summer before, but at 4 she’ll be a much more active participant.

Ruby has already started laying her plans. She wants to go the Children’s Museum in Boston and Portland (this has become a mainstay in our travel plans now). She’s also requested Ice Cream at the Granite Hall Store, which just tickles me pink.

As for the extended family. My mom is e-mailing and calling almost hourly. She’s so excited, and that makes me so excited, and when Ruby figures out that she’s on the phone, SHE gets so excited. Its just an excitement reactor around here!

My sis has been IM’ing me daily and pouring her excitement into the reactor as well. I don’t think I’ve had this much communication with my family since our last trip!


As far as the state of California is concerned I’m bonding with Miles for the next three weeks. This is just what the doctor ordered for us. Miles has such a strong relationship with mama, that I’ve been feeling a bit left out lately. I realized that as far as miles is concerned I’ve been around something like 3% of his waking life so far. (The rest of the time I’ve been at work.) So this is going to be a chance for me to turn that around a little bit.

On that state of California topic, I have to thank them for supporting our family in this way. The state’s FMLA has been generous enough to supplement 1/3 of my salary for this trip, which means that I’ll have more vacation to use later on.

Well that’s it from me. If you’re reading this you’re probably either seeing us off today, or about to see us in the next three weeks.



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