Ruby Goes to Work

June 27, 2008

Ruby is joining me today at work. She’s been going through a tough transition of some sort, and having a really hard time with my leaving (both for work, and for play). I thought if she could see what my average day is like, she might have an easier time of it.

So we packed up her coloring, and her worksheets, snacks, books, and a puzzle, crossed our fingers, and headed out the door. The morning went alright. Ruby helped me make some helpdesk visits, and I worked at my desk while she did coloring, painting, and play. There were quite a few questions, but I was more productive than I had expected to be.

At 11 we had to make the popcorn, that was a welcome distraction for both of us, then at noon we ate our lunch. I had never eaten a regular lunch in the Cafe before, it was quite nice. Ruby was pretty quiet for the eating part.

When we got back to my office after lunch, she was all wound up, and not at all cooperative. It was such a dramatic shift from the morning. I was on the phone trying to help someone, and she was singing “I’m going to shake, shake, shake, my wiggles out …” at full volume. When I got off the phone I tried to tell her that that wasn’t okay at my work, but she wasn’t listening. I reached out for her arm to try to get her attention, and she let out a blood curdling scream. Luckily my door was closed.

I told her that I thought it was time to go home now, and she quickly offered an alternative, “I’ll take a nap”. I figured it was worth a try. So now she’s sleeping peacefully on the floor, on a piece of packing foam, with her head on the teddy bear.

Pictures to follow.



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  1. Comment by dean

    dean July 10, 2008 at 5:41 am

    Grace loves coming to my office. She culd spend the whole day here. Winter….She requires a bit more attention.
    Ain’t life grand?

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