Good Ride, at Great Cost

May 26, 2008

I had a good ride today. Tom P. (my boss), and Adrian B (new SETI PI) started out the ride with me from HP in Palo Alto. We made good (but not good enough) time over to Woodside where we met up with Carl P (who graciously waited 30 minutes for us to arrive). We rode Canada road to Skyline, and up Polhemus. Adrian left us at the bottom of the Polhemus loop, and Carl left 8 miles later at Woodside. Tom and I raced back to the cars at HP in what seemed like record time. Now that I’ve done the whole course, I feel quite a bit more comfortable with the upcoming ride. Here are the stats:
* Distance 43.29
* Time 3:35:31
* Avg Speed 12:05
* Max Speed 38.21
* Trip Climb 2,299′
Now for the cost. As I mentioned in the last article, Ruby was not pleased with my night on the town. She was also quite upset about my going on a ride, and wasn’t shy about showing her displeasure in the most creative ways. At Woodside, I called Vick to check in, and things were distinctly not okay. I didn’t really have space to talk, and she didn’t have time, so I pedaled onward, hoping for the best. At the half way point I called again and Vick was in tears. Apparently Ruby had been acting out in every demonic way possible, at one point intentionally smashing her brothers fingers in our bathroom trashcan.

When I finally arrived home, Ruby was peacefully drawing on the workroom floor, and Vick was standing on the other side of the sliding glass door. Apparently, when Ruby heard I was coming home, everything was fine. We had a very calm and loving talk about how her choices impacted our family, and then headed out to Whole Foods to pickup lunch and dinner.

By the time I arrived at Whole Foods, both kids were sleeping. I loaded Miles up on my back (still sleeping) and got Ru into a conveniently discarded cart, and did the shopping. Miles transfered back into the carseat (still sleeping, a small miracle) and then back onto my back at home (still sleeping, a large miracle).

Ruby was back to herself, though quite tired, and fell asleep by 7:30. Unfortunately, our day was not over then. Miles pretty much refused to sleep until 10:30, and Ruby woke twice with night terrors.

Thankfully by 10:45 all of us were in bed and sleeping. I don’t believe that I’ve ever been so glad to have a day behind me. Today is a new day, and we are all looking forward to some family time.



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