Crazy Day, Great Ride, Tired Dad

May 18, 2008

I had intended to wake up with the cows this morning and get in a good long ride before the sun started to heat our little green ball up. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans for me. As soon as I fired up my e-mail I noticed something distinctly wrong. The mail server was down. Way down, no ssh, no ping, no traffic through the firewall to it. DOWN.

Normally a server down doesn’t seem so scary, but this thing is built like a tank with more redundancy and power than 10 mail servers would need. So for it to be down, I thought, something really serious must have happened.
Still dead set on getting my ride in, I geared up and headed over to SETI to set things straight. I expected to be about five minutes. When I arrived I discovered that an HVAC failure had brought the ambient temperature up to 102, and the mail server, smart fella that he is, decided to call it quits rather than burn up. I’m actually quite glad that it made that call, because ordering new hardware would have taken quite a bit longer. 5 hrs later I was on the road again.

So now its noon, and I’m thinking “Not too late to ride, I’ll just get on my…” whoosh, I get hit with a wall of heat as I leave the building. “… on second thought…” I called Vick to rendezvous for lunch (I still hadn’t eaten breakfast), she and the Logan contingent were downtown, just finishing up the street fair, and were about to head out for bagels. After lunch we headed home to wait out the heat (which I should mention was quite a bit cooler than the last few days, at 86). At 4 I put Ruby down for a nap, and spotting my window, hopped on the bike and headed out. I had intended to ride all the way to the beginning of the Tour de Cure course, then ride the course, then ride home. That would have been ~60 miles, and seemed like a great idea at the time.

The ride was a scorcher, and fast, and I made some poor pacing choices. This lead to my sputtering out at mile 30. Not feeling too bad about my progress, I gave Vick a call and had her bring the kids out for a hike.

An hour or so later they showed up, and we had a nice hour long hike by the reservoir. Pooped, and happy we all loaded into the car and headed home. Miles and Ru are soundly sleeping, no doubt dreaming of their action packed weekend, Vick is on her way in, and I’m just about to make one last check on the server before turning in myself.



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  1. Comment by Papa Verne

    Papa Verne May 23, 2008 at 9:32 am

    Yay, Ruby!! That’s wonderful. Are you going to go on the Tour de Cure with Dad?

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