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January 2, 2008

I just wanted to let people know what this “Syndicate” business is all about (look on the right side of this page).

If you’re like me, you always for get to look at your friends blog until you’re just about to call them, or worse, until you’re talking to them about something they’ve blogged about, and have no idea what they’re referring to.
Lucky for us, most blogs have an RSS feed somewhere (often hidden) that we can use to deliver new posts directly to our e-mail inbox.
I use (Mac Mail) and Thunderbird and both of these fine clients enable RSS syndication. If you use Outlook (so sorry) you can download a plugin here

Subscribing to a feed is trivial…

First, find the URL for the feed. On my site its
s20/feed.xml and you can find it by mousing over the “Articles” link under Syndication

My buddy Dean’s blog is hosted on blogger (which supports Atom feeds rather than RSS) blogger feeds are often hidden, but you can just add /atom.xml to the end of the URL( like so http://bas

The Next Step is to add this feed URL to your e-
mail client.

In Mail.App you just click on the File menu, and Add RSS Feed
In Thunderbird you have to first add an account for RSS feeds to go into. Find Account Settings then Add Account and select RSS News and Blogs . Now click Continue and Ok and find the News and Blogs click Add and paste in the URL that you saved from
step one.

If you want to subscribe to a blog, but can’t figure out what the feed address is, just leave a comment, and I’ll figure it out for you.



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