The Birth of

October 1, 2007

Let me cut to the chase. was taken. I could have changed his name to myles, or used his middle name, or some other bastardization, but I got to thinking, "Wouldn't it be so much better just to have one site for the whole family?" I mean, I'm updating all of our sites myself anyway, and the pictures, now that I've got three lights-of-my-life, do  I really want to spend all of my time parsing and posting pictures? Furthermore, we're going to have this grand adventure, shouldn't we chronicle it? The time was nigh. I went through several (hundred) possible (read: taken) domain names. My family and friends weighed in, but finally, the name came to me from my favorite nautical phrase book. 

Many times in our life people have revealed their shock or surprise at the seemingly foolhardy or impossible endeavor that  we were about to embark upon. Victoria and I have never looked upon the challenges ahead as insurmountable. They have always just been the next step in our lifelong adventure. I find a certain comfort in knowing that the difficult task ahead of me is an inescapable part of my journey. It leaves me with just two options; wither away in my rut or; forge over.

I hope that my children also adopt this mentality, and so I have chosen as the name of our family's  domain.




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